In order to avoid blowing up your capital at the beginning of your trading experience, it is important to first solidify your framework, covering these areas:
  • Personal abilities
  • Control and decision making
  • Timing and productivity
  • Performance analysis   
  • Record-keeping


Once you have the framework, you can now begin to look into these key areas for solutions to fix profitability issues:
  • Trading psychology 
  • Technical analysis 
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Risk management
  • Trading strategy  


Growing your portfolio size takes time, realistic goals are never too far away. We need an established framework and a lot patience to follow it correctly. We need to work hard to continuously learn and develop everyday. The Trade Academy is here to provide you with one to one support through the mastery of your learning and trading strategy, making sure that you stick with the strategy that's right for you and don't fall for mistakes that cause over 95% of traders to fail. Never change the way of how things work for you!
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