In order to be considered to proceed with the evaluation, and for to receive the CFBM please note that the Broker must be regulated by one of these financial regulators first: 

If the requirement from above is met, then the broker will be evaluated in additional 9 fields, as presented below:
  1. Access to trading platforms, tools and instruments. 
  2. Funding accounts and withdrawing procedures and time needed for completion. 
  3. Customer support knowledge to resolve problems, and give constructive and transparent feedback when customer reports one. 
  4. Time needed to be resolved a problem, response time of the customer support team and the relevant department for resolving it. 
  5. Performance of the trading software and platforms during low volatility, high volatility and high risk market events. 
  6. Dealing desk behavior when open positions are in positive, in negative, when the market approaches high risk events and in a situation of low volatility and low volume on the market. 
  7. Refunding policy and type of problems that can make the broker return the money back to the customer. 
  8. Account managers behaviour, managing of clients and integrity.  
  9. What is the quality and strength of trading signal, analysis, news software and education materials that the broker offers to its customers the traders. 
After the completion of the 2-3 weeks evaluation period, the broker will be notified of the result, and if the broker has a score of 10/10 and agrees to proceed, then TheTrade.Academy will award the broker with the Certificate of Forex Broker Merit.
Message from Blagoja Pazarkoski (TheTrade.Academy):

Dear Traders, Brokers and Regulators, 
I have developed this evaluation model in order to be able to contribute to the Financial Markets transparency, and keep safe my mentees and all of whom visit my website and social media, from getting scammed and left without a chance to recover their funds back.

With a view from a trader's perspective, but also as a representative of a broker at one point in the past, I can really distinguish even the small differences in order to decide if one broker is transparent or not. I have seen and hustled with many problems during the 12 year experience in the filed of financial markets, these problems have occurred in all of the 10 fields that are mentioned in this Broker Evaluation Model, not once, but many times.

On the opposite of all this, I have very positive experiences with other brokers that have very transparent and open approach to traders with issues resolved in under 15 minutes, no matter how big the issue is, but these brokers respect clients money and merely have issues of large scales.

All of this made me to start this evaluation program in hope that my experiences, positive and negative will help a lot of traders to distinguish the very best brokers form the other ones, and also help brokers step up their game and offer better conditions for the traders. I welcome any broker who is up to the challenge to take the score 10/10 to register for the evaluation and receive the Certificate of Forex Broker Merit, because for you, I am sure, the customers you have and the customers you try to acquire are in the first place at any time.

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