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EURUSD Overview

Week of Dec 16, 2019

With a tumultuous history between the Euro and U.S. Dollar the markets fluctuations still follow well established historical resistance levels despite the announcement of news being either good or bad. Volatility in world markets alongside the current instability with the Brexit situation tied into threats from United States president Donald Trump on more tariffs lends a hand into instability in the currency.
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USA Retail Sales MoM

Retail sales data represents total consumer purchase from retail stores. There was an initial weakness in the USD and upside move in stocks.
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NASDAQ 100 E-MINI Overview and Analysis

The NASDAQ 100 E-MINI is an accumulation of the top 100 foremost non-financial U.S. Large-cap companies. This allows investors to have an influential hedge position as well as foresight into speculative trading strategies.  
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