Blockchain obsolete and old.

New advanced technologies will make Blockchain obsolete and old.
Fast development of the IT Industry will contribute to the very dynamic change in usage and adoption of new hardware and software in every aspect of our lives. You can defend it as much as you like, but just for illustration look how Communication Technology (Smartphone Industry) Hardware/Software has developed in the last 10 years, and the gap in the advancement will be even smaller, what is fast this year, next one it is old and slow. We have already new technologies that emerge beating Blockchain in every aspect. Current cryptos will be similar to Silver, people trade it, collect it, speculate on it, but it is of no use other than physical, in some manufacturing processes, collectible item, and as jewelry. Have you asked yourself, what kind of jewelry current cryptos can be?

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Author: Blagoja Pazarkoski, mCMI. Trading and Strategy Mentor at The Trade Academy.
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