EUR/USD Fundamental Influence and Technical Analysis

Last Friday we had the NFPs kicking it in the high, with the result counting 250K beating the 191K expected.
As we have seen upon announcement the USD has made its way back against the EUR and the EUR/USD pair finished sub 1.14 for the week. Today thou in early trading the price went near 1.1350 level and there the EUR/USD pair found a support launching the price back up to 1.1400 level. Now the focus shifts on the upcoming US FOMC statement on the 8th of November 20.00 CET.

Technical, EUR/USD levels that you need to watch before you decide to trade:

Resistance 1: 1.1400Support 1: 1.1350
Resistance 2: 1.1455Support 2: 1.1300
Resistance 3: 1.1515Support 3: 1.1260

MACD (12, 26, 9) indicator shows price consolidates and has upward tendency, if it follows through it can be expected the price to reach  Resistance 2 in the following trading sessions. At time of writing the EUR/USD pair pivots around the 1.1400 level. The analysis has been made on a daily chart, available below.  
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