GER30 marching for 11500?

During this turbulent time of tariff imposing between USA and China, indexes have changed a lot in the way of movements, and the reactions on speculations are extreme, leading the spikes to be in hundreds and thousands of points in both directions.
GER30 particularly has been very sensitive, thus a great possibility to trade with, but also very risky on the short term.

Yesterday and also today, probably we will hear about this more in the following days too, we have speculations that USA have been prepared to lift tariffs on China, or if not, at least get closer to an agreement on how to proceed in the future, so businesses will not be affected. 

That said even if USA and China have an agreement, the EU have been loud lately about how that agreement out of the WTO rules of engagements will have an negative effect on the EU business with USA and China, so from one side things can be resolved, but since another powerful economic organisation as the EU is, is having aspiration to lead the world in an economic sense, we can expect a lot more from Stocks and Forex movements, sudden spikes of volatility and instability in prices.

For now as it is , and if more positive news come in we have the GER30 on the run towards 11500.

1d chart analysis:

Resistance 11150, 11270, 11500.
Support 10750, 10580, 10280.

MACD: signals for further gains in the price.
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