GER30 on a possible bullish path.

During the turbulence of the trade war USA against the world, we have seen a lot of fluctuations in the price of stocks and the representative Indices.
The GER30 particularly has massive volatility and potential to destroy a lot on its path. Having said that, looking at the positive side, if these news stop just for a while investors will see the situation as relief and will risk a bit more.

We can see GER30 trades are returning to positive with 3 days in a row positive volume and the MACD is at the beginning of bullish signal. If all these ingredients are enough and the price closes above at least 12130 and escapes the 20d EMA at 12150 we can see the price going towards 12250-12400.

Be aware that at the moment we have initial resistance zone between 12080-12120. Caution! Volatility can be high in the event of turbulent news and negative comments about the trade war. Good luck.

Risk warning!
Trading carries a high level of risk to your capital and may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. You should first be aware of the risk and know what you do before you proceed with trading. Supplied information is not advice.

Author: Blagoja Pazarkoski, mCMI. Owner and Mentor at The Trade Academy.


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US Closing Report 03 Apr 2018


European Closing Report 04 Apr 2018

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