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Financial Markets Summary 21 May 2018

European cash equity markets are mostly higher at the closing bell with the Stoxx 600 hitting its best level since late January (FTSE +1.1%, CAC +0.5%, FTSE MIB -1.7%).  US cash equity markets are higher at the closing bell, led by industrial and real-estate (DJIA +1.1%, S&P +0.7%, NASDAQ +0.5%).
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Financial Markets Summary 07 May 2018

European cash equity markets have begun the week on a firm footing with broad gains at the closing bell (DAX +1.0%, CAC +0.2%, FTSEMIB +0.8%). We saw gains on Wall Street evaporate in the latter stages of today’s session (DJIA +0.4%, S&P +0.3%, NASDAQ +0.8%).
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