The Trade Academy to partner with a Legendary Premier League Club

The Trade Academy, one of the world’s fastest growing trading education companies, is due to partner with a legendary Premier League Club for a 3 year partnership.

The Trade Academy will be the first ever sleeve sponsor, with the logo prominently appearing on the shirt sleeve during all of the club’s Premier League and domestic cup matches. The logo will also be featured on the shirts of the Women's team and the Under-23s team, and on the pitch side of every home game, broadcast to billions of spectators across the world.

The Premier League Club (the details of which are to be disclosed shortly) and The Trade Academy partnership is the first of its kind, bringing exposure of financial education and expertise to new markets, particularly in times of financial turbulence and uncertainty, when it’s needed most.

The Trade Academy was born from the need to help people stop losing money and start trading like professionals. It teaches traders to control fear and greed, identify when and why they lose money, what drives the market, and how to use technical and fundamental analysis to develop successful trading strategies. Ultimately, it's designed to create independent and successful traders, and give investors the ability to make informative trading decisions based on quantitative methods and models.

The details of the partnership are to be announced very shortly, but what can be said with certainty is that The Trade Academy members will receive tremendous value from this partnership, including professional financial education, tickets to top Premier League games, VIP hospitality and much more.

Stay tuned for the details on the Premier League Club Partnership! The clue is in the logo.

Author: Kate Alippa, Head of Marketing and PR

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