The WOLF TRADING STRATEGY™ will give you the independence to take trading decisions confidently whilst developing your own personal and profitable strategy. This mentorship program teaches you how to identify and capitalize on trading signals given by technical and fundamental analysis, our program is developed to help you to become a trader and achieve your goals. Seasoned traders will develop their knowledge by learning state of the art advanced quantitative models and methods which are tried and tested, these are branched from a geometry and physics background.
WOLF TRADING STRATEGY™ course outcomes:
  • Identify when and why you lose money.
  • Develop your discipline – Controlling fear and greed.
  • Gain knowledge and skill-sets of technical and fundamental analysis to profit in a variety of different trading contexts.
  • Learn and apply risk management to your trading strategy.
  • Create, develop and maintain your successful trading strategy.
The course for the WOLF TRADING STRATEGY ™ is delivered online through interactive webinars and it has a duration of 12 Months, upon completion you will be awarded the Certificate in Forex and Stocks Trading.
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