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The decision to start trading is easy made nowadays. As the economic situation worsens by the hour every day many people are deciding to start trading. What they do not realize is that what they do it is not trading but 90% of new traders end up as gamblers, and what is worse they are not aware of it. In order to avoid losing everything, at the start you need to follow few steps, setting up the framework:

  1. Personal Abilities
  2. Control 
  3. Productivity 
  4. Performance  
  5. Success is the result


After establishing the steps and setting up the framework, you are starting to work on the solution for your approach to trading and strategy developing. What would you use form indicators and analysis, what type of trading you will undertake much depends on your personal abilities. Afterwards it is all connected, such as controlling of emotions, the productivity of a trade and the overall performance of the strategy you choose, everything will bring you to a point where you will know if you are successful or not. Having someone to evaluate your knowledge at the early stages is from a high importance as that evaluation can separate you from just gambling and becoming a successful trader. 


Following the previous steps, which involves a lot of learning, with selecting a leading trading program at our TheTrade.Academy you are then coming to a stage where you are already aware of what you can do with your funds how will you invest and trade them.  Most of the students are fast learners because are dedicating the time to lean and start as earlier as possible, even thou rushing things is not recommended. Growing your portfolio return and profit comes with time, you can make profit you can reach your goals, all of this requires patience, a lot of learning, hard work and following the established rules of the framework. Never change the way of how things work for you!  


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THe MEntor

 I am Blagoja Pazarkoski, Trader, Investor and Analyst, now also Owner and Mentor at TheTrade.Academy. With my 11 years' experience in Trading and Investing I can help you learn and find your way to profit from the market movements. Started back in 2006, I have trained and learned, connected everything from my Academically gained Education and started real trading in June, 2010. Going further than this, using geometry and physics as foundations I am developing quantitative models and methods which can help you even more to understand how the markets move and what makes them to be so much sensitive to any kind of shift in investor sentiment, economics and geopolitics particularly.  

 I have 18 classes dedicated for both inexperienced and advanced professional traders. With mentoring I started back in 2013 when as my first mentee was my professor and mentor of Management at IMD and CMI. Learn, practice, and grow. We should remember, funds are restricted, trading chances are infinite! 

Trader Program

Developing Profitable Strategy

During this trader's mentoring program you are going to achieve independence in taking trading decisions and develop profitable strategy, all with recognizing signals from Technical and Fundamental sources. Experienced Traders will gain knowledge about new advanced Quantitative methods and models.

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